Decorating ideas and advice for home owners

Learning how to decorate properly takes years, there is a world of difference

between a home owner doing a bit of painting over the weekend and a 

professional decorator

 It looks easy enough, but, is it? In fact painting and decorating around the home can be a bit of a nightmare unless you plan everything sensibly.

If you are considering a repainting project then probably the most important question you should be asking  is “who is going to do the painting?” home owners routinely underestimate what goes into a decent paint job or  opt for a do it yourself project. Frank Baxter Decorators in Doncaster are always ready to help with advice & tips for home owners.

 All properties are different, the actual decorating project and of course the quality of finish that you desire. if you just want to freshen up a bedroom then you’re unlikely to do much harm but on the other hand if you are considering painting the bespoke living room that most visitors would see then you could be heading for disaster.

 It is also important to consider the amount & type of preperation involved. For example, what condition is the plaster in, on the walls, on the ceiling, is it paintable, or will you have to chop lumps out & fill, will they need re skimming or cross lining prior to painting or papering. Understanding from the beginning just how much prep work is going to be required is important because this will help you to decide whether or not to get the pro's in or have a bash at it yourself.

Learning how to decorate takes many years and there is a world of difference between doing a bit of painting over the weekend and a professional decorator who makes a living painting and decorating as a career.

Having the right tools and knowing how to use them, knowing the right paints for different surfaces and how to prepare them, the use of specialist preparation paints, this sort of knowledge isn't acquired  overnight, it takes several years and experience working on vastly different projects and contracts to become a decorator with the skills to produce good quality work.

every job/project is different and a skilled decorator like Frank Baxter Decorators in Doncaster can quickly decide what is needed to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.

 Another point is restoring a room, or redecorating a room ? Don't dive in and start burning off or stripping the timber paintwork, it may be more cost effective to remove it and replace it as in many cases it is cheaper to replace trim such as architraves than it is to burn off and restore. 

 Wallpaper stripping is not simply that, there is a lot of work to do once all of the paper has been removed, especially if you intend to paint the walls. Cleaning the surface could take as much time as it took you to strip the surface, in order to get it ready for painting, removing the old paste residue and sanding the surface smooth along with any filling that may be required is hard work and time consuming, and if you are going to paint walls that had paper on them then you must know what to treat them with as any paste enzymes left on the wall could and probably will react with the emulsion leaving a crazy paving effect which is very expensive to rectify.

 It is said by some decorators that in all cases, walls that have been stripped need to be lined with lining paper prior to repainting, not in my opinion, it is hard work but very do-able to prepare the walls to take paint without lining, which brings us back to the theme of this page, knowledge and skill, this is what is needed for a first class decorating job.

So unless your'e really capable and the project is not the best room in the house we strongly recommend that you leave the serious painting projects to professional painters and decorators in Doncaster.