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 Painting & Decorating - Popular Questions & Answers

How  do painters & decorators charge?

Painters and decorators charge by the job not an hourly rate. Since no two jobs are the same and neither is the degree of difficulty. Quotes are free so the best way of finding out what your project will to cost is to request 3 or 4 quotes from local painters & decorators.


 Is there a difference between a painter & a decorator?

Yes, although during their training painters were taught paperhanging maybe they could not get the hang of it (pardon the pun).     A decorator however comes with the ability to hang wallpaper and is considered to be more widely skilled.

 Does It take long to paint a room?

It depends on the size of the room really plus several other factors, like surface conditions, how much prep work, and how many coat's of paint it takes to cover what is already there. How long is a piece of string ?

Who moves the furniture for the painters?

In most cases the painter will be willing to do this himself but he will expect you to clear out all the small bits, ornaments, pictures, curtains nick nack's etc:

 How do I know how much paint I need?

Use paint charts, they will tell you the coverage of the paint helping you to gauge how much paint you need for different size rooms or projects.

  How do I strip painted woodchip wallpaper?

Stripping woodchip can be very hard work can't it ? not always, again it depends on several factors, the most significant being who hung it ? did they know what they were doing, did they seal the surface properly, did they us enough good quality paste ? if not then it may strip easily enough by using a roller and soaking the paper with soapy water (the soap hold's the water on the paper making it soften quicker) you may need to repeat this soaking a few times but if it works you can often strip the paper very quickly without the cost of hiring a stripper from the local tool hire shop.

 Why lining paper?

Lining paper is a smooth featureless wallpaper  used to paper over imperfect  walls to make them presentable enough for painting or wallpapering over.

 Is it practical to paint over ceramic tiles ?

Yes. use a few coats of oil based or acrylic eggshell paint, there is a tile paint on the market but it is in the name only, the same as radiator paint, simply marketing by the manufacturers. Don’t paint over tiles that are likely to get wet constantly.

 What is the best paint for radiators ?

There are a few specialist paints available for radiators but in general most painters paint them with regular eggshell or gloss paint which lasts just fine.

 When Should I Pay My Painters?

Depending on the size of the job there are a few options for payment. If they are just doing a room or two then it is quite likely that you can pay them at the end of the job. if it is a larger job then you should pay in stages. Ideally, discuss the payment schedule before the job starts so everyone knows what to expect.

Never pay money upfront and if the painter requests money for materials then you are clearly not using a professional painting company as paint & materials do not cost that much and you would expect them to be able to supply. However paying the contractor for materials on the first day work begins is acceptable with receipts.

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