U.S. Second amendment

December 19, 2012
Is Barrack Obama simply telling the U.S. what they want to hear ?
Look I'm not an educated man, I'm just Mr average, but, I have read quite a bit about the powerful gun lobby in the U.S. and they all but control the senate due to there massive membership and funds, apparently if you want to get elected you need the backing of the gun lobby and when they say jump then the senate jumps.
I am a decorator in Doncaster who leads a very normal life and I like everybody am shocked at the latest of a long line of mass murders in U.S. schools, shocked but not that surprised as they seem to happen quite regularly but short of having paramilitary style police on every gate of every school I cant see what Obama can do because sadly the people of the U.S. will never forfeit there right to bear arms as most of them view the second amendment as sacrosanct because it has been drilled into them by the gun lobby for the last 200 years and it doesn't help that most senators place status before duty.
I hope I'm wrong, more than anything else I hope I'm wrong. 

Is there anybody out there?

December 13, 2012
We've been in this recession for 5 years now and I was beginning to think it would pass me by altogether, things were going along nicely until 6 weeks ago and suddenly the phone stopped ringing, never saw it coming. I have several sources that supply me with leads for jobs including a heavy weight add with Yell.com and an account with mybuilder.com but nowts coming in. I'm sure I just saw some tumble weed rolling along the road! 

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